How can I find a good podcast about addiction and recovery?


I love listening to podcasts when I am in the car or exercising. How can I find a good one about addiction recovery?

You will be pleased to learn that there are many great podcasts on the topic of addiction. One way to start looking is to do a search from within your podcast app. Simply open the podcast app on your phone or device and look for the search feature. If you use an iPhone, the podcast app is already installed. Look for the purple icon on your home screen. However, if you use an android phone, you may have to download a podcast app from the Google Play Store. Google makes their own podcast app now, or you may enjoy using an alternate app, such as Podcast Addict.

I am interested in learning more about Suboxone, ZubSolv, Sublocade, and Brixadi. Is there a podcast where they discuss these treatment drugs for opioid addiction?

You may have to search a little deeper to find a podcast that supports medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorder (MAT). Unfortunately, many people who are in recovery or work in the addiction treatment field are against the use of medication to treat addiction. This is in spite of the fact that scientific research and study, as well as the experience of doctors over nearly two decades, has demonstrated that medication-assisted therapy works to help people recover from opiate addiction. In fact, it works far better than non-medication based treatment programs. However, you can still find podcasts that openly discuss all sides of the issues. I recommend The Rehab Podcast on The Mental Health News Radio Network as a great source for discussions and information about MAT using those medications and more. Another very interesting treatment medication is naltrexone. And, of course there is the gold standard, methadone.

How can I learn more about harm reduction?

Harm reduction is all about protecting the lives and health of people who are currently still in active addiction. It involves the use of drugs such as Narcan, a brand name version of naloxone. Narcan reverses opioid overdoses by blocking the opioid receptors. When a person is overdosing on heroin, fentanyl or any opioid, narcan will stop the respiratory depression that leads to overdose-related death. The person will then have significant withdrawal symptoms, but at least they will survive the overdose. Other forms of harm reduction involve clean needle and syringe exchange programs, safe injection sites, testing for fentanyl and educational programs to inform drug users about available treatment options.

What about the spiritual connection? Can I learn more about how spiritual practices can help me to recover from addiction?

Yes! In fact, on The Rehab Podcast, there have been many guests who have discussed spiritual topics. For example, Anna Yusim, M.D., the author of the best-selling book, “The Science of Spirituality”, has been a guest. More recently, near death experience (NDE) expert and neurosurgeon, Eben Alexander, M.D., has been on the program. Additionally, many other guests have been on the program who have spoken extensively on the topic of spiritualism and addiction recovery.

What is best, audio or video podcasts?

Both are excellent ways to take in podcasts! Audio is good for exercising or driving because you will want to focus on those activities. When you are free to look, a video podcast is great to see the people who are speaking. The Rehab Podcast has just recently made the move to video. The audio version is available on the MHNR network and the video is posted to YouTube. To get to the YouTube versions, just go to Happy listening and watching!

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