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When it comes to street drugs, there are no safe drugs during pregnancy.

First, you do not know what is even in the pills or powder. Second, street drugs are potent chemicals that are not pregnancy safe. And, you don’t have control of the dosage.

In addition to the drugs themselves, the actions involved in getting and using the drugs carry additional risks. Heroin, while pregnant, meth while pregnant, or coke in pregnancy is a recipe for disaster.

What is the safest pregnancy detox from heroin and opioid pills?

Detoxing, while pregnant, is safer than using drugs while pregnant, withdrawing from opiates while pregnant can put stress on the pregnancy and cause problems. Medication-assisted treatment with buprenorphine can be a pregnancy-safe detox.

Can you take Suboxone while pregnant?

If you do a detox during pregnancy with buprenorphine, it is crucial not to take Suboxone. Buprenorphine and naloxone combined are not pregnancy-safe. If you are going to detox while pregnant, your doctor will put you on Subutex, or plain buprenorphine, instead of Suboxone. If you already take Suboxone during pregnancy, your doctor will switch you over to Subutex.

Heroin, while pregnant, is not suitable for the baby.

Using drugs while pregnant is never a good idea, but heroin is particularly dangerous. If you use needles, you risk deadly infections and heart valve damage. Your baby could be born in opioid withdrawal. Another risk is the stress of opiate detox while pregnant can stress the pregnancy.

Should I be getting off of buprenorphine while pregnant?

Why would you want to stop life-saving treatment during pregnancy? Buprenorphine during pregnancy is much safer than taking other opiates while pregnant. Are you worried about if you can pass a drug test while pregnant? Are you concerned about buprenorphine’s effects on pregnancy? It is rarely a good idea to stop medication-assisted treatment while pregnant.

Your quitting opiates while pregnant is possible.

If you use heroin or misuse other opioids or opiates, you should consider starting medication-assisted treatment with methadone or Subutex. It is possible to overdose while pregnant if you do not stop the street drugs.

The best step to take if you are pregnant and misusing opioids is to see a doctor as soon as possible about starting medical treatment for opioid dependence.


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