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This is the decade of MAT

For the past twenty years, we have gained a great deal of experience with Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). While Methadone Maintenance goes back to the early 70s, buprenorphine treatment will soon be celebrating its 20th birthday. These mature and well studied medical therapies have the power to save lives and help people to live productive and fulfilling lives. You can learn more about first hand experience with the gold standard of MAT by reading methadone blogs.

Why are so many still suffering?

If MAT works so well, why is it not helping more people? One issue is a lack of education. In fact, there is still a great deal of debate about the best way to handle opioid addiction? While people continue to overdose, the controversy continues. What is best? abstinence? Fast detox? Long-term maintenance? Additionally, some of the largest and most powerful organizations in addiction treatment have taken the side of abstinence-only treatment. Unfortunately, they have backed the wrong horse. The scientific evidence is overwhelmingly on the side of long-term medical maintenance. Hence, we need to spread the word about MAT.

Methadone blogs and buprenorphine blogs.

Blogs are one way to fight ignorance in the world of addiction treatment. While scientific journal studies and articles are very important, we need more of a connection with real people with success stories. Anyone can start a blog. A blog is an online journal in which a person may write whatever they want to write. There have been methadone blogs as well as Suboxone blogs for a long time now. These are places where you can read incredible stories about lives turning around with the help of MAT.

Where can I find these blogs?

If you are looking for Methadone blogs or if you are interested in other types of MAT blogs, including naltrexone and vivitrol blogs, you can start with a simple search. Fortunately, Google has been very good about indexing personal blogs. So, please help us to spread the word as well. I hope that you will be kind enough to post in the comments some of your favorite blogs and favorite posts. Thank you!


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