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Are you ready to cut back on your dose?

After a long time on methadone maintenance, you may begin to tire of the daily treks to the clinic. While your life is back on track, you wonder if this is how it will always be. Is there a better way? You may be ready to start tapering methadone and taking the next step.

Be sure to do it right.

The proper way for tapering methadone is to do it under the supervision of your clinic doctor. However, if you are concerned about the program that you attend, you may want to visit with an addiction specialist in your area for an evaluation. In fact, a suboxone doctor can help to give you advice on the best way to proceed, coordinating with your clinic doctor.

Does Suboxone work as well as Methadone?

One great benefit of Suboxone is that you can get up to a month of medication rather than just a day. This will give you greater flexibility in your life to travel or stay in on your days off. Additionally, Suboxone is a safer alternative. And, it works.

When tapering methadone, what is the target dose?

When stopping methadone altogether, you will probably need to taper as far down as possible. This must be done under the supervision of a methadone clinic doctor. In addition, you must have a solid program of recovery if you plan to stop completely. A better plan for many patients is to stop methadone and start Suboxone or another form of buprenorphine. In order to do this, you must taper down to 30mg of methadone or less before making the transition.

Is there a benefit to tapering methadone and then staying on it?

If you are having side effects from methadone, you may want to taper down to a dose where you have fewer problems with side effects. This is an important topic of discussion that you must bring up at your methadone maintenance clinic.


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