Medical DirectorMark Leeds, D.O. | Podcast: The Rehab

Fighting Fire With Fire

The phrase, “fighting fire with fire”, has been around for a long time. However, the idea of firemen carrying flame throwers into a burning house is crazy. Hence, in the treatment community, treating opioid addiction with an opioid seems to be insane. They are concerned with the possibility of Suboxone addiction.

Trading one addiction for another.

Is Suboxone therapy really a matter of trading one addiction for another? Well, first of all, Suboxone is also an opioid. So, when a doctor prescribes it for opioid addiction, they are using an opioid to treat addiction. Is this wise? Can the patient end up with a Suboxone addiction?

Overcoming opioid addiction.

As stated by expert, Dr. Adam Bisaga, medication assisted treatment (MAT) does not result in addiction. This means that when a patient takes their Suboxone as directed, they are not addicted to it. The doctor discusses this topic of the new recovery in this interview.

Positive changes in behavior.

Active addiction causes a person to behave in ways that are harmful to their health. Additionally, the drug user obsesses over their drug constantly. This mental torture subsides with Suboxone therapy. In fact, the patient no longer behaves or thinks in an addictive manner. Therefore, during treatment, the patient is in recovery and is not addicted to treatment medication.

In conclusion, do not worry about Suboxone addiction.

When it comes to medication assisted treatment using Suboxone, you do not have to worry about patients becoming addicted. This drug can save lives. It already has saved many lives. So, if you are struggling with opioid addiction, consider medical treatment. Or, if you are the loved one of someone who misuses opioids, you should recommend seeing a doctor about MAT. This modern, proven therapy can save lives and make life worth living again. It is time to dispel dangerous myths about medical addiction treatment.